Different skills, talents and resources coming together

If you’re interested in CCR’s vision of changing the world from the inside out, by deeply understanding the nature and potential of the human mind, there are a number of ways in which we would appreciate your support.

You may have a background as an experienced meditator, and want to devote yourself to long term practice in retreat.

You may be interested in offering your professional skills to a project with a potential to change fundamentally the current understanding of the mind.

You may be a scientist looking to explore what happens when two different strands of knowledge and wisdom (modern science and contemplative practice) come together.

You may be interested in supporting our activities through financial resources.

Or you may just be curious about what’s happening in the hills of Tuscany, Italy, when a group of dedicated meditation practitioners decides to spend a number of years exploring the depths of the mind, under the guidance of extremely experienced teachers.

If your profile fits in any of these options please send us an email at info@centerforcontemplativeresearch.it, so we can find out how you can support CCR’s vision come to life.

Financial resources:

supporting CCR’s present and future activities

In 2019, CCR’s fundraising successfully completed its first key goal: raising $1.3mn, the necessary amount to finance the acquisition of 5 hectares of land, where 18 meditation cabins will be built, together with the building that will house CCR’s headquarters. This building will also house resident teachers, a scientific lab, and all functions supporting long term meditators.

The current fundraising target for the 2019/2020 fiscal year is $2.8mn, an amount which will be dedicated to actually building the 18 cabins for meditators, as well as all the required infrastructure for the center to be fully functional.

We’re currently welcoming all donors interested in supporting CCR’s vision through their generosity. Your financial support will provide us with critical resources for continuing to create a truly unique setting for long term contemplatives fully dedicated to practice to deepen the current understanding of the mind.

You can support CCR in a number of ways:

Donate Once:

regardless of the amount you can share, any contribution is a significant contribution to CCR. Participating alongside many individuals from all over the world, you’re creating the conditions for this project’s success.

Donate Monthly:

recurring donations are the preferred way to support CCR, as these allow for optimal financial planning, and help us progress towards a stable financial situation.

Amazon Smile:

one of the simplest ways to support CCR is through Amazon Smile. When you shop at Amazon and select CCR as your favorite charity (which you can do here), Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to CCR.

Major Gift:

if you’re able to make a substantial gift (in excess of US$ 10,000), please get in touch with CCR directly at majorgift@centerforcontemplativeresearch.it. Donors willing to contribute to CCR at these levels will have access to CCR’s Board Members, to an annual (online) meeting where updates of our activities are shared, and to (limited) time spent at our facilities in Tuscany, Italy. During such periods, donors will be able to explore CCR’s grounds, be introduced to CCR’s resident teachers, and occasionally spend time in personal retreat at CCR’s headquarters.

Create a Legacy:

if you deeply resonate with CCR’s work and are willing to contribute with a substantial amount (in excess of US$ 500,000), you will join our Legacy Club. Legacy Club members will have access to all benefits that “Major Gift” donors have, and in addition, will also be directly recognized by CCR’s Founder, Dr. Alan Wallace, at a private event. If you’re interested in knowing more, please emails us at legacyclub@centerforcontemplativeresearch.it.

Where does your money goes?

After each fundraising phase, CCR will produce a public report detailing how much money was raised in the last relevant period of fundraising, and where that money was spent. This will allow us to demonstrate maximum transparency regarding fundraising and fund administration, and also allow donors to select what activities they specifically want to support.

At the moment, we’re fundraising for three specific areas:

Building & running CCR:

our current priority is to fundraise the required amount to construct 18 cabins for meditators, as well as all the required infrastructure for the center to be fully functional. Once this phase is fully complete, your donations will go to support CCR’s operational expenses.

Support a Yogi:

once our first cabins are built (current expectation: Spring 2021) the first group of practitioners will start their long-term retreats. During that period, CCR will ensure basic cost of living for these practitioners, following in the great footsteps of some of the oldest contemplative traditions in the world, where those dedicated to leading a contemplative lifestyle would have minimum needs (shelter, clothing, food) assured.

Support the research efforts:

in addition to the funding that will be achieved through mainstream academic channels, CCR might also contribute to fund some of the scientific studies in which long term practitioners will be involved.

Companies and Foundations

If you’re part of a company or foundation that would like to extend the reach of your current action in the world by supporting CCR’s vision, please reach out to us at partners@centerforcontemplativeresearch.it so we can start a dialogue.

For wire transfer or stock transfer, please email us and we will send you the information.

To send a donation check, please write the check out to ‘Santa Barbara Institute’ and on the memo list ‘CCR’ and mail it to the Post Box address.

Center for Contemplative Research

C/O Santa Barbara Institute
P.O. Box 3573
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Email: info@centerforcontemplativeresearch.it


Pledge Forms to support the Project:

You can fill out pledge from online or download the form and mail it to the same address listed above.

Thank you